Inspired by Coppola Chardonnay

good wine in
a plastic bucket
soaking in
machine made ice
an obvious injustice

blackberry cravings
wireless memories
two ugly lamps shine on
princesses in a
cheap hotel room

Though the above poem was written while drinking Coppola Chardonnay (which I adore), I must tell you all that my new favorite is Ghost Pines Chardonnay (photo below). It's the perfect balance of fruit and oak. I highly recommend it.


Michael Nyiri said...

Dear Saadia,
Francis Ford Coppola is not only a fine director, but a vintner.

And you're a fine poet, as we know.
Nice to see a new post from you on Xanga.
Michael F. Nyiri,poet, philosopher, fool

Jerry said...

Love this poem! Will have to try the wine...

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Elliott Broidy said...

Great post about delicious wine!

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