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Amazon Shorts

Hello, Bloggers. I may have told some of you that I had been accepted into the Amazon Shorts program. Amazon Shorts is an innovative new program for readers to access exclusive short fiction and nonfiction from both today's bestselling authors and tomorrow's future literary stars. For only $0.49, you can download a story of about 2,000-10,000 words from a large and always growing library of writers. Downloads are available in HTML, PDF or plain text format and are always saved in your media library for future use. In addition, you can print out Amazon Shorts for future reading at your leisure. As of 1:00 p.m yesterday, my "short" is LIVE!

My short is entitled Flirtations and Booze. It is a collection of approximately 30 previously unpublished poems. The poetry contained in my short is not available on any of my blogs, nor will you find it in my book, lavish lines/luscious lies. (I will tell you that there are three 'Sin' poems included in the download) If you do decide to purchase my short, please write a review for me. The more reviews I have, the more exposure Flirtations and Booze will receive. As always, I appreciate your support and encouragement. Thank you for being the best readers ever!!!

Anyway, in other news, I took a selfish little trip by myself this past weekend. I thought you may enjoy this footage from the flight... (An Adventure in Drinking, indeed)



our nexus--
dissolves what's--
turquoise blue--
cocktail asylum--
swift sips--
chat turns--
his promises--

*Has anyone indulged in this liqueur? Hypnotiq is a blend of vodka, fruit juices and cognac, for God's sake. It sounds like a bad hangover waiting to happen, but it was actually pretty decent. Truth be told, it was incredible and my night was even better.

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