Dead Soldiers*

lined up, empty
dead soldiers haunt
translucent, trusty
glassy glares taunt

uncorked and spent
idle essence
vessel lament
boozy defense

front line fanatics
such promise
always democratic
more hit than miss

*I completely and totally support our troops. This poem is about empty wine bottles, which I've always called 'dead soldiers.'


Disco Lemonade

sharp things
as I sip
disco lemonade
this choreographed
grey goose
forever, a
sorority girl renegade
having it
in this
lush shade
makes me think
about an upgrade
you got played
I giggle
provincial and clich├ęd
this cocktail
you ask: another
disco lemonade?
I'm not afraid.
You needn't
D a r l i n g

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Whiskey Senyrus #4

another single
without pleases or thank yous
just pour the liquor

this amber drink is
imperative. My mind is
looking for comfort

whiskey peace is like
nothing i have ever known
just sip and you'll see

motherfucker, please,
your advice is exhausting
let me drink alone

*You may think that this poem is an example of a haiku, but it is actually a senyrus. "Senyrus" loosely translates as a 'comic haiku.' Whereas haiku are usually about nature and its physical aspects, senyru (plural: senyrus) is still a form of Japanese poetry that uses the syllabic 5-7-5 as a format--but without the haiku requirement of being thought provoking imagery. Dig? Mmmmkay.