Whiskey Before Breakfast

Watching the sun rise
whiskey before breakfast
time hurries clockwise

yesterday is past
tomorrow--still distant
will these seconds last?

these whiskey thoughts
they frighten and enchant

at daybreak, caught
between love and lust
indecision bought

Sweeping up stardust
dreaming of moonshine
in whiskey I trust
this moment is mine

This poem is an example of a terza rima which is an open stanzaic form with interlocking cross-rhyming. The middle line of each stanza forms the outer rhymes of the next stanza. (For example, the rhyme scheme would be aba, bcb, cdc, etc.) When the writer comes to the end of the poem, a fourth line is added to the last stanza to use up the rhyme that would have otherwise gone to the next. This form was used by Dante in his Inferno. My previous terza rima post is entitled 'History.'


Drunk Ass Haiku

triple vision, yes
because I've had shots and wine
I'll close my eyes and


I was having a great evening flexing my Saadia muscles. I found a new Chardonnay by Mad Housewife Cellars which was/is perfect for a late summer evening. Before I knew it, though, the bottle was empty...

I was a little surprised that the wine disappeared so quickly. Maybe I spilled a little or something. Anyway, when I went to open another bottle--I could not find my corkscrew. I could not find anything that could be used to open a bottle of wine. I tore my kitchen apart. I am almost 100 % sure that my husband hid all of my wine-opening tools and for that...he is in big, big trouble.