Inspired by Noah, age 9*

wine, wine, the most fabulous drink
the more you sip--the more you think
the more you think, the better you write
so pour some wine to keep words tight

*this rhyme was written because my oldest son, Noah, would not stop chanting 'beans, beans, the magical fruit/the more you eat, the more you toot/the more you toot, the better you feel/so, let's have beans with every meal!'



It's like this:
when I reminisce
the edge of the abyss
my memories—hard to dismiss

I remember what I was drinking
More than what I was thinking

Nights with Cristal, nights with Jack
Befriending Tom Collins and cognac

Flirting with princes and kingmakers
Street sweepers and heartbreakers

Forever finding solace in my drink
The missing link

Contentment can be poured
A smorgasbord

Of liquid selections
Drinkable perfection

A cocktail laboratory
My tipple territory
Fluid memory