Drunken Dreams

Too many libations

Turn my dreams into sensations

School busses collide with giant toothbrushes

I see fountains from which mac and cheese rushes

Whether it's Chardonnay or Beefeater, rocks...

Drunken dreams knock off my socks

I wake up shivering and smiling at the same time

Should drinking and dreaming be considered a crime?

Booze helps give my dreams voice

Sobriety or inebriation--it really isn't a choice

I love the movies that play in my mind

I watch them once, then press rewind



Tequila is not just for drunk girls on spring break

It's actually one of my favorite shots to take

I like the color--kind of like amber

And it works quickly, which is great, because I'm not really a gambler

I'd rather throw two back than nurse several beers

Just like I'd rather ignore, not embrace, my many fears

I love its slow burn and what it does to my mind

The wheels start turning with an excruciating grind

Tequila is the liquor that makes me sit up straight

Helps me organize my thoughts and tempt my fate

A little glass, a little salt and a tangy green lime

If you've got tequila, I've got the time