I should resist
another glass of wine
cease and desist
though I feel so fine

One more glass
wouldn't be so terrible
this time would pass
and be more bearable

Why should I abstain
from this Chardonnay cocoon
wine entertains
even though it's only noon...


Dragonlife said...

Greetings again!
This is no dilemna!
The destitute second son of a Burgundian noble joined the Crusade and found those vineyards in Syria, made some cuttings, brought them back all the way to Chablis area and grew rich and famous!
Burgundian myself, I do appreciate the Chardonnay wines, even if I'm a Japanese sake freak!
I hail from South Burgundy, Cote Chalonnaise. Great unknown wines there which deserve to be known!
Great poem again!
I do like writing, too. But I'm more into fantasy: http://dragonlife.wordpress.com/
I suppose I will have to come with a poem or two!
All the best!

QVC said...

well nice tips

Cyndi said...

Absolutely beautiful poem. And my, have I been there. Regrettably, where I come from they won't even serve you alcohol until 12:01pm. The very nerve.

Gent Gregory said...

In the same way that we must live our lives as we see fit, so too must we drink our drinks. Some of my best drinking is done before noon after all. If nothing else, it's always wise to fall back on the old adage of professional drinkers everywhere, "It's always five o'clock somewhere".